Rancho Penasquitos Real Estate

Rancho Penasquitos Real Estate

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West PQ

The west side of Rancho Penasquitos borders Carmel Valley to the West and extends to Black Mountain Road. This part of PQ is the ‘newer’ part of town that has experienced a great deal of growth since the addition of Highway 56 that extends all the way to the coast. Homes in West PQ tend to be larger in size and sit on smaller lots, although there are some older homes that are both large in size and have larger lots. South of the 56 are communities that include Park Village, Ridgeview, Torrey Highlands, and Torrey Santa Fe. North of the 56 on the West end of PQ are communities that include Crestmont, Penasquitos Bluffs, Black Mountain Vistas, Black Mountain Meadows, Torrey Highlands, and Watson Ranch. While some of the homes in this part of PQ are newer, it is also important to understand that the newest communities include Mello Roos, an infrastructure tax that can range from under $1,000 to over $5,000 per year. Some communities have already had their Mello Roos expire, while others may have many years to go before they expire. Either way, it is important to understand if the home you want has Mello Roos, how much they cost and when they expire. Some communities also may include HOA fees, while others do not. West PQ feeds to top rated Poway Unified Schools, including Westview High, Mesa Verde & Black Mountain Middle, and Willow Grove, Deer Canyon, Park Village, Adobe Bluffs, and Sundance Elementary.

Homes in West PQ are typically on the larger side compared to other parts of PQ such as Central PQ and East PQ, but there is everything from 2 & 3 bedroom townhomes with under 1,500 square feet to larger detached homes with 6 bedrooms and over 4,000 square feet of living space.

Central PQ

The central portion of Rancho Penasquitos also extends north and south of the 56 highway. It runs from Black Mountain Road in the west and extends to Carmel Mountain Road to the east. Central PQ is not the newest, nor the oldest part of PQ. Most homes in Central PQ were built in the 1980’s, although some were built in the 1970’s and in the early 1990’s. Neighborhoods south of the 56 include, Penasquitos Views, Park View, Park Village, Woodcrest Hills, and Allegra. Communities north of the 56 include Black Mountain View Estates, PQ Bluffs, PQ Estates, PQ Greens, PQ Views, Feather Ridge, and Casablanca.

Much like East PQ, Homes in Central PQ have something for everyone and also do not include Mello Roos taxes or HOA fees like you will often see in West PQ. You can find everything from 1 & 2 bedroom condos with under 1,200 square feet of living space to detached 5 bedroom houses with over 3,000 square feet of living space. Because these homes are a little older, they also tend to have larger lots than in the west end of PQ. Central PQ feeds into top rated Poway Unified Schools including Westview & Mt. Carmel High, Mesa Verde & Black Mountain Middle, and Canyon View, Sunset Hills, and Sundance Elementary.

East PQ

The eastern part of Rancho Penasquitos extends from Carmel Mountain Road east to Interstate 15. This is the most mature and affordable part of PQ. Many homes on East PQ were built in the 1970’s, with the first homes developed back in the early 70’s. That being said, there are some communities in East PQ that were built in the 1980’s and some of the condos were built in the early 1990’s. Neighborhoods in East PQ include PQ Glens, PQ Knolls, PQ Views East, Kentfield Estates, PQ Villas, Cantabria, PQ Townhomes, Sun Ridge, PQ Pines, Shadow Tree, and Terra Vista.

There is also some new development taking place in East PQ. In 2020, Lennar Homes began selling homes in the new development of Pacific Village. There are detached homes, townhomes and condos in this development between Carmel Mountain Road and Interstate 15. There is even more new construction coming to East PQ on the former site of Carmel Highlands Golf Course and the Double Tree Hotel.

Homes in East PQ range from 1 & 2 bedroom condos, to 2 & 3 bedroom townhomes, to larger 5 bedroom houses. Because they are older, homes in East PQ don’t have Mello Roos taxes like you’ll often see in West PQ and most of the detached houses don’t have an HOA fee either. The condos and townhome communities will usually have an HOA fee, but this covers amenities such as pool, tennis courts, clubhouse and some will even cover exterior maintenance of the buildings. There is excellent value in East PQ and something for just about every budget. Because homes in East PQ are typically older, you can also find some of the largest lots in all of PQ in this part of town.  East PQ feeds into highly rated Poway Unified Schools including Mt. Carmel High, Black Mountain Middle, and Rolling Hills and Los Pen Elementary.

What Makes Rancho Penasquitos So Special

Parks & Communities

The communities of Rancho Penasquitos have a wide variety of parks and community centers to enjoy and take advantage of.

Top-Rated Schools

Feeds to top rated Poway Unified School District.

Easy Access

Easy access to major freeways and near the coast.

More Neighborhoods

San Diego has endless beauty and we know many different neighborhoods that might appeal to you. Let us find you the perfect place to call home.

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