San Diego Golf Real Estate

San Diego Golf Real Estate

San Diego Golf Real Estate was founded in 2006 by brothers John and Adam Antinone to offer a true one-stop solution for those interested in buying or selling a golf course home in San Diego County. As area experts in the local golf course real estate market, we are the smart choice for anyone looking to sell their golf course property or to help buyer’s identify the perfect golf course home and community that matches your wants and needs. John and Adam have a passion for both golf and real estate and this becomes very apparent when you start talking golf course properties with them.

For Golf Property Buyers: 

SDGRE is uniquely positioned to help you find a perfect golf course home within a golf community that fits for your particular needs. With so many fantastic golf communities throughout San Diego to choose from, we are confident that there is a perfect golf home out there waiting for you that best fits your lifestyle and budget. After we’ve had an opportunity to discuss all the things that are important to you in a golf course home, we’ll set up a custom golf course property search in the MLS for you that reflects your wants and needs as well as your budget.

Nobody knows golf real estate in San Diego better than John & Adam Antinone. They grew up playing in junior tournaments in San Diego, played for San Diego Country Club in team matches, each played four years of varsity golf at Bonita Vista High School and have continued to play just about every course in the county over the past 30+ years. There are all kinds of options for golf course home buyers in San Diego for every budget. Whether you are looking for a $500,000 condo in Rancho Bernardo, a $5,000,000 estate in Rancho Santa Fe or anything in between, John and Adam will find you there perfect golf home in the golf community that best suits your lifestyle. We know ALL of the golf communities here in San Diego and can help find you the perfect place to call home here.

For Golf Property Sellers: 

If you are one of the lucky ones fortunate enough to own a home on the golf course, then you already know you've got a very special property. San Diego Golf Real Estate gets this too! A property located on and/or overlooking the golf course has the ability to draw a much higher price than other similar homes in your community that are not on the course to the right buyer. If you are looking to command top dollar for your golf course property, wouldn’t it make sense to work with a real estate team that truly understands the unique value that a golf course property presents?

As real estate professionals with over 20 years combined experience, John and Adam have the perfect blend knowledge, experience, personality and drive to get you a top dollar sale for your golf course property. Don’t think that John and Adam only do golf properties though. In fact, the majority of their business comes from traditional, non-golf residential real estate. While we sell plenty of golf course homes, but we have also listed properties in just about every part of the county ranging in price from under $300,000 to over $3,000,000!

With San Diego Golf Real Estate, you get the best of both worlds on the listing side. We know how to effectively target golf course specific buyers that will see the uniqueness of your golf home, while also appealing to the masses that are looking for a home like yours be it on the golf course or not. John and Adam are very tech

savvy and are always on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to sales and marketing for their listings.

Why Choose San Diego Golf Real Estate to List Your Golf Property?

As experts in golf course real estate, John and Adam truly understand the unique value that golf homes offers have a means of targeting buyers that also have an appreciation for golf course homes. They will find the buyers out there that want a golf course property and know how to sell the benefits of buying in each specific golf community.

John and Adam also market their listings to the non-golfers of the world out there that want a home like yours whether it is on a golf course or not. San Diego Golf Real Estate understands that there are buyers out there that could care less about living on a golf course. That doesn’t mean they won’t want to buy your property for other reasons though. We will highlight all of the strengths that your property offers and get maximum exposure for your property. The more potential buyers that see your property and the brighter the light we can shine on it, the better! Things we do to make your property stand out include:

– Professional photography shoots with advanced technology that makes your property seem bigger and better! Buyers always seem to say that the photos are what caught their eye and got them in to see the property in person! See the below web link for an example of one of their photo shoots:

Example Photo Shoot

– For many listings where it makes sense, John and Adam we employ video shoots to accompany their photo session to give you the feeling that you are walking through the house. Video also sometimes includes the use of a drone for video fly overs so you can take an overhead tour from the property, to over the golf course and clubhouse, circling back to the property. This use of video and aerial drones is dramatic and is a perfect example of how John and Adam leverage today’s latest technology to feature a house. Here is a sample of one of San Diego Golf Real Estate’s use of video:

Example Video

– Beyond all of the golf course knowledge and use of modern technology to sell your property, John and Adam employ all of the ‘old school’ techniques that are tried and true in helping to get a house sold for top dollar. This includes hard work…taking phone calls 24/7 whenever possible, responding quickly to emails and web inquiries, talking up the listing to other brokers that might have a buyer, making sure the property always shows it’s best, filling the flyer box whenever it is running low, and calling agents after showings too follow up and to receive feedback.

John and Adam work hard for their clients and have built up a strong reputation in the real estate community. They thrive on repeat and referral business and always follow the golden rule. They are honest, work hard for their clients, are excellent negotiators and know what they are doing. John and Adam have a strong passion for golf and for real estate. Putting the two together to form San Diego Golf Real Estate was just a natural fit. If you entrust them to sell your golf home, know that you have made a wise decision. Don’t just take their word for it. Click on the link below to see what their clients are saying about them:

Client Testimonials